First of all you have to decide purpose of boat and it must fit your budget.Then you have to find reliable expert.Face to face interviews with expert determine the length,beam and type etc. of the boat.Candidate boats are determined according to requested details such as cabins,specifications,displacement,engine power,stern structure,internal hardware and characteristic features. Boats current costs and prices by sifting through the decision stage is reached. Also, if there is any problem under the current legislation of the boat is checked.

Never mind that purchasing a boat is the matter of experiance and knowledge.In this context if you don’t examine the keel of the boat,under the deck and the bilge you are probably going to face with big problems.

Repair of electrical equipment of the yacht and its equipment takes a lot of time and labor, so it is important for electrical and electronic tests.

The age of the boat is directly proportional to attrition of the sea and waves.Machinery and ancillary equipment, compression measurements also should be considered.

If you want to buy a polyester boat,you have to check under the draft line because of osmosis risk.If you want to buy a alumium boat,decay of hull can be a problem.

Boat paint can create another problem.If your boat boat made of wood,paint can hide rotten parts but it create big problem in the future.In addition of you boat is alumium,rotten hull change is expensive.

Internal design is the cheapest issue in boats.Problems can be stored elsewhere.Please consult these issues with an expert to your own benefit.

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